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Welcome to Roy Advisory, it's the Bengali Business Educational website that features provide videos and concepts on Business, basically related to machinery or machinery-related goods, wholesale business, farming business, an investment plan for your future, provides some courses related to business and allied i.e., manufacturing and non-manufacturing as well as wholesale Business, Saree, Jewelry, Cosmetics and fashionably Business,  agriculture or agro-allied sectors and farming in rural India. i.e., Poultry, Goat, Dairy, Duck, Fish, etc, as well as Agriculture Farming.

For any business or contact inquires, get in touch with us on *** admin@royadvisory.com *** or Call or WhatsApp on +91 98004 99286

We do not contact anyone from "@gmail.com" OR "@yahoo.com/.in" OR "any @others.xyz" OR any others mobile/land numbers. All communications are from "@royadvisory.com" email address OR "+91 98004 99286" mobile/WhatsApp number. So Please beware do not entertain any Gmail/yahoo/others email addresses or others mobile numbers.

Our Website: www.RoyAdvisory.com

Official email ID: admin@royadvisory.com


Chiranjit Roy, M.Sc (Economics), Master of Social Work (MSW), Certificate in e-Commerce from MSME-DI, Govt. of India

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